If you become extremely rich, is it possible to keep it a secret?

Will Champion
Will Champion

Do you know who the drummer from Coldplay is? Exactly.


Will Champion, drummer of Coldplay. Naturally, the vocalist Chris Martin gets the most exposure. But Will, hidden behind his drum set throughout 24 years, 7 concerts, 110 awards won, and 100 million records sold worldwide – seems to have maintained his anonymity throughout Coldplay’s glory days.

Guess how much this guy is worth? According to this site, What is Coldplay’s Net Worth?, Will is worth $90 million!

I realise $90 million may not be “extremely rich” in Forbes terms. But it’s still a lot for the average person!

Remember The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones? Even if you haven’t watched GOT, odds are you’ve heard of it. Heck, even Obama tweeted about it.

Guess what? Will was in this episode! B-but, who was he playing?

The drummer! There he was, Will Champion, doing what he’s supposed to be well-known for. In the most famous episode of GOT! And nobody realised!

Nonetheless, we can probably say because of his anonymity, Will has avoided the media spotlight vocalist Chris Martin has had to deal with. He’s been married to the same woman, schoolteacher Marianne Dark since 2003, and they have pair of twins together.

I suppose to be rich and anonymous truly is an introvert’s dream.

This article originally posted on quora by: Joanne Lim

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