Is the Earth like an atom within the universe?

Atom is the smallest possible part of a matter. How small it is?

If you put ten million atoms in a row, that will make one millimeter. A bundle of one million atoms can easily go through the hole of injection syringe needle. To understand it better, A glass of water contains more number of atoms than the number of glasses of water, an ocean contains.

Now, look at the above photo. That is how the universe looks. Innumerable dots of light. Those dots are called galaxies and are actually spiral shaped. A galaxy is a group of billion stars. At the bottom right corner, you can see the galaxy Milkyway. We live inside this galaxy.

Now, look at the white arrow that shows the yellow circle. All the stars you see in the sky, are inside that yellow circle. Our solar system is located inside the yellow circle. Compare to these, our solar system is so small that it is invisible in this photo.

If you compare the universe with an ocean – The galaxies are like bubbles in the universe. We have seen a very small part (yellow circle) of a single bubble (Milkyway).

In this comparison, our solar system could be compared with an atom. To the universe, our Earth is smaller than an atom. Our Earth is nothing.

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