What’s one thing you wish had never been invented?


Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

I would be a millionaire if it weren’t for automated teller machines (ATMs). Since 1989, I’ve racked up $75,000 in debit card service fees alone. Every year and without fail, the ATM reinforces the wisdom behind the expression, “If you give ‘em enough rope, they’ll hang themselves.” If the automated teller machine isn’t the antithesis of frugality, then enlighten me because I don’t have a better answer.

I understand how ATMs were initially considered a gift from heaven to drug dealers worldwide. Unfortunately, for co-dependents without self-control and money to burn, the advent of ATMs was Satan’s way of saying, “I love you.”

Before my first debit card, when I needed money, I would go to my bank, stand in line for an hour to withdraw a cash amount to last me through an average weekend. The process may have been an inconvenience, but what I didn’t realize then was how it forced me to manage and save money.

During a weekend, if I ran out of money, it would signal the end of the party. Later on, for those who didn’t use ATMs, their cash reserves remained untouched during the weekends.

It isn’t fun when you go to work on a Monday, and your bank balance is $0. Later that day, during your lunch break, you sit outside, alone, and think about the fun you had or didn’t have over the weekend. It’s moments like these that broaden your understanding of personal failure and shame.

You ask yourself if you’ll ever become a responsible adult, or maybe you’re doomed to be a fuck-up for life. Either way, if only the automated teller machine had never been invented, you’d at least have enough money to buy a sandwich and eat lunch with your colleagues.

Author : Lance Crayon

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